...about the Mitten! We love this beautiful Great Lakes state. Four gorgeous seasons. Incredible landscapes from shore to shore. Endless outdoor adventure. Big city life. Up north glory. Michigan is... home. Always MI Home.



Co-Owner, Idea Woman

I'm Mirandy Richardson. I am a mom, dreamer, and total entrepreneur at heart. I grew up in Grand Rapids, graduated from Seidman College of Business, Grand Valley State University and now call Midland home.

As a kid my parents would spontaneously jump into the car for a quick four hour drive to Mackinaw for fudge and jerky; just to turn around and drive back. I have never gotten over the love of treading all over this beautiful state. Just jumping in the car turning on some great music, and driving.

I was inspired to start Mittenprints when I saw a Brooklyn art map, collaborated with Annie who rocked the Bringing Midland Home design. Ever since then Mittenprints ideas have been colliding into our minds like a three-ring circus. I can't wait for you all to see our ideas come to life.


Mirandy is also the owner of Pure Laundry; handcrafted whipped laundry detergent and more.



Co-Owner, Graphic Artist

I'm Annie Stout. I am also a mom, dreamer, and total entrepreneur at heart. I grew up in Shelby Township, graduated from Central Michigan University and now call Midland home.

I spent most weekends of my youth driving up north and fishing with family. When I met my husband in college he and his friends assumed I was a city girl, growing up so close to Detroit. I am somewhat, but I always preferred to be up north and outside. You can't beat it! After college, we moved to Kentucky for two and a half years. We sure had a lot of fun, but it was never home. When the option to transfer back to Michigan came up I literally cried I was so happy.

I was very excited to design the Bringing Midland Home map when Mirandy first approached me with her idea. As we talked we realized we had an awful lot more Michigan ideas that we needed to get out of our heads into something tangible.

Annie is also the owner of Paper Heart Design, where she provides graphic design services and creates art.